by Frozen Acid

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This record is the outcome of a difficult time together as a band. We had to struggle with people who don't understand what all of this is about and what it means to everyone of us. We all had and have our personal matters that are not always easy to reconcile. There have been changes that we don't want to evaluate in any kind of way. But what we can say: It all brought us where we are right now as a band and this is what we love to do.

We want to thank everyone who ever supported us so far by buying our stuff, listening to our music, visiting a show, giving us a place to crash or singing and dancing along. Special thanks go out to every promoter who gives us the opportunity to to do what we love most, Yannik for having an awesome time together, David and his Band Davy Jones for helping us record this EP, Manuel for mixing and mastering our songs, Brezel for being the most helpful and reliable guy we know and to all our friends, families and loved ones. You know who you are!

Mario, Tobi, Stefan, Eric


released May 5, 2017

performed by Frozen Acid
recorded by David Schmitt and Frozen Acid
mixed and mastered by Manuel Schwarz
art-work by Stefan Kemper

Stay DIY <3



all rights reserved


Frozen Acid Lennestadt, Germany

packing too much stuff in too small vans. playing punkrock shows and drinking beer. meeting new friends and crashing on floors. waking up hungover. packing too much stuff in too small vans. driving back home wishing to be stuck in a time warp.


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Track Name: Meet New Friends
We got it all packed up
to have a good time this night.
forget about all the shit
that’s stuck in our mind.

Driving endless miles all day,
not looking back at any step.
And even if we lose our way
we will find it back someday.

For tonight this town is our home.
Let’s get some drinks and meet new friends.
Don’t give a fuck about our debts
and everything that we regret.

Party always, sleep never.
Fingers crossed this will never end.

And you say it’s all bullshit,
putting my heart into thi.
but tell me what you’re living for?
You’re living dead and we’re not done yet!

Nothing can ever give me more than this,
how should we deal with all that shit?
Let my last day end like now
at a fucked up basement show.
Track Name: Back On Our Feet
Everything was better in the old days.
What a shame that things don't always stay the same.
I don't know if that's a true phrase.
Or if we just push all bad memories away.

Like our pictures just show moments of our good days.
We forget about the rocks that got thrown in our way.

We light up, we glow and we burn out.
It's always been like that,
will always repeat.
We climb high, we float and we fall down.
Gaining ground and treading water.
Get back on our feet.

We're running in circles but we don't realise:
The footprints we follow are the ones we left behind.
And all our dreams and everything we loved
seems so empty like a dried out reservoir.
Like nothing ever was.
Track Name: Denial & Fear
I know that I’m drinking too much.
and I know I smoke way too often.
It makes me feel ok
while the world is going down

We’ve kicked in the door
at least a hundred times before.
But we’re cutting the limb
that we are standing on.

Dissolution caused by isolation.
Coming to conclusion:
It’s all just collusion.

The world is getting colder
while the winters are getting warmer.
It’s their denial and their fear
that makes us believe

In a way we know is wrong.
So that’s the way we’re going down.

And I’ll go back to sleep
cause’ I woke up in a nightmare.
Track Name: Just To Feel
You’re not getting any sleep,
in that kind of days.
You keep chasing
what you’d like things to be.

I felt the same way your age,
felt the same weight that days.
Life would be too easy
if all we had were all we need.

Got to hold the pace up steady,
keep on choking while you breath.
We are running round and round,
we stumble and we drown
to get back up again.

I’d like to tear out my heart
just to push it back in.
I'd like to tear out my heart
just to feel, to feel young again.
Track Name: There's No Better Way To F*** This Up
Give me a feeling of losing time.
Give me a heartbeat close to mine.
I’d spend a hundred nights awake
to break a habit and cross a line.

We could be anywhere by now,
never went anywhere somehow.

We got lessons left to learn
and mistakes to make at first.
Wasted years are on our backs.
And even bigger steps ahead.

It ain’t easy to let go.
We had our dreams, we had our hopes.
It ain’t easy to let go.
Our favourite songs on the stereo.
It ain’t easy to let go.
Still there are things we need to know.
It ain’t easy to let go.

We could be anywhere by now,
never went anywhere somehow.

Years ago we were still kids,
foolish in our heads.
Started to make our first mistakes
but didn’t know it yet.

Thought we were grown up.
Are even far from that today.
Thought we were grown up.
Are even far from that today.

Even if we’ll fuck shit up
let’s still pretend
there’s no better way to fuck this up.